Looking to close the gaps in your threat detection and incident response?

Managed Detection and Response defends your organization against advanced, targeted and opportunistic threats - 24/7.


Rapidly detect and respond to security threats

Stop wasting time chasing false positives and receive confirmed security incidents that are accurate, trustworthy, and enriched with actionable information.

An entire IT Security Team by your side

Let our security team focus on the actual threats targeting your business and get the most out of your existing security solutions by having them work together through Argus.

Report with confidence and stay compliant

Gain real-time visibility into the threats you’re facing, report with confidence on your state of security and stay compliant.

Alerts can be overwhelming and unreliable

% of malware alerts are considered reliable.
% of alerts are ever investigated.
% of IT security professionals’ time is wasted because of faulty intelligence.
% rise in ransomware incidents in 2016.
% rise in high severity incidents in 2016.
For every four users in your organization,
expect one confirmed security incident each year.
Security professionals are a scarce resource, and the skill shortage is increasing.

the efficiency of IT security staff is the key for a healthy organization  where IT security is enabling business.

The Solution

Managed Detection and Response

Network Analysis and Protection

Detect exploits in real-time, identify APT traffic, analyse files for advanced malware, and expose anomalous traffic.

Log Analysis

Correlate activity across multiple systems, identify suspicious user behavior, and confirm attack success.

Vulnerability Management

Discover new & missing assets, detect vulnerabilities & misconfigurations, find web apps distributing malware, and prioritize response based on business processes & impact.

Endpoint Response & Protection

Identify clients involved in an attack, isolate breached clients, securely investigate incidents, and respond and recover to incidents more effectively.

As a customer, you will have access to 24/7 – 365 network analysis, log correlation, endpoint threat hunting, and continuous vulnerability monitoring.

You will have the same views as the analysts, ability to communicate securely with your technical account manager, and
handle ongoing incidents  to name a few features.

Argus Managed Defence is trusted by organizations globally –

from SMBs to large enterprise.

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