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 Security ManagementEvery company is unique and so has specific security needs

Metastore has always worked with market leading products within IT Security. Through its extensive experience within IT Security and tireless searching for new technologies, Metastore is able to offer its customers the best of breed solutions. Metastore is your IT security advisor as it knows the market, solutions and has a broad experience of projects through customers in different sectors. Every company is unique and so has specific Security needs. One of Metastore's main strengths is to be flexible and provide a custom-made service, which is tailored for every single customer.

Security breach

Data breaches


records have been compromised in the last 8 years


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Sensitive Information Management

Information is one of your greatest assets. Protect it from both insider and outsider threats.

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Big Data Analytics

Information is everywhere in your IT environment. Correlate this information to create a strong security analytics platform.



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Unified Identity Services

Keep Active Directory at the heart of your enterprise. Extend its capabilities.

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Privileged Account Management

Monitor, alert and block actions of your most critical users.



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Threat and Vulnerability Management

More info soon!

Security Operations Center 

Security Operations Center

Looking to close the gaps in your threat detection and incident response?


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