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Splunk is hot. Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few years, you probably already know that Splunk is a rising Big Data star. Thé question of questions: what can we do with Splunk? One of the most difficult questions to answer, because well… Splunk can do everything. Or let’s say: a lot. We have gathered some blog posts about Splunk that you should read. From the CEO explaining why you should use Splunk, to a Gartner view on SIEM, and even a Domino’s (yes, the pizza company!) case study. Read, watch and learn.

Enterprises today face increasing cyber security threats to their critical IT data and applications. That's what we call a fact.

Another fact is that organizations with zSeries systems need to ensure that these systems are secure and in continuous compliance with government regulations, industry requirements, and internal security policies.

Let's talk about ships, airplanes and clouds today. Excuse me? You've heard us well. But first things first: an intro.

When we say “Cloud-Ready Security” we’re talking about the importance of tightening up on security controls, systems and policies within the enterprise, so that when the business’s use of cloud technologies hits the big time, their security is ready for the unavoidable wild and unstructured growth in users, devices, applications, and information exchanges. Two analogies that work well here are to do with ships and airplanes (ah, here they are!). The captain of the ship will want to batten down the hatches to prepare for an approaching storm, and the airplane captain will instruct passengers to fasten their safety belts when he knows turbulence lies ahead. That is essentially what we mean when we ask, “Is your security cloud-ready?”

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