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"Oh look, a new data breach!" That sentence has become a daily phrase for the IT guys/ladies among us. It feels like we are no longer surprised (or scared) when we hear that 10.000 credit card numbers have been stolen. Or that a former employee has downloaded all of the company's confidential info. It is a fact: data breaches happen all the time, day and night. But this does not mean that we should take a XL soda, a bag of Bugles and make ourselves comfortable in a fuzzy sofa. Nope. Because we know you are the chosen one. You can change the mindset of your company. And yes, we hear you thinking: "my boss doesn't care about what I have to say", but we believe that with well-researched information, you will come a long way. Before you dive into the crazy data breaches world, let's start off with 10 quick facts.